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Décor La Gloire



Gateau Pièce Montée


Have you found the perfect reception hall yet?

Let Mama Ekomisa LaGloire transform your venue into an upscale reception hall, full of class and style. Call us for all your decoration needs, including Weddings, Engagement Parties, Baptisms, Birthdays, Banquets, or any other special events you can dream of.

To Reach us : 1-800-644-6619 / 514-573-6224


Greeting your guests with an already decorated venue is well and good...
But greeting your guests with a room all your own in it's styles, colours, and themes, will give them an event to remember forever.

Take your pick of what we can do and make a truly impressive venue for your one of kind event!

... Choose Décor la Gloire

Tools and Materials

We use the most professional techniques, as well as tools and materials of the highest caliber.
 You really should see it for yourself: Give us a call.


We have unbeatable prices, guaranteed.